Wreck is an anarchist publication based out of Vancouver, Occupied Coast Salish Territories. We hope to focus most of the content from our issues regionally (southern so-called “BC”).

The people that have put together this journal come from different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. We do not hold a particular anarchist position or philosophy and have no desire to impose a singular perspective on those who contribute to or read Wreck. We have come together based on a moment – a time and place in which we live – and a shared desire to bring an anarchist perspective to the events we are embedded in. In this sense we are also a wreck – a mess of thoughts that clash and collide. But in our differences we create ties and expand our lives.

Issues of the publication will come out a few times a year. If you have an idea for content or submission in the form of an article, art work or poetry, please contact wreck@riseup.net.

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